Industrial Installation

With industrial installation, the process of plant modification can often become disjointed when working with multiple subcontractors. The management required to coordinate multiple tasks segregated between various specialists often produces uncertainty and confusion rather than a solution.

Here at Collins & Jewell Co., Inc, Turn-Key Installations are provided through best practices resulting in an optimized solution which eliminates the uncertainties and confusion due to multiple levels of unnecessary overhead. Our approach is to decide upon a strategy in advance of project kick off that will lend itself to providing order to what could become a chaotic venture. Then through systematic checks and balances we assure our Industrial Installation projects move forward as expected. Click Here To Contact Us About Your Industrial Installation Project!

When you work with Collins & Jewell Co., Inc we take ownership from start to finish.

  • Engineering and Plant Layout
  • Steel Fabrication and Erection
  • Process Equipment Fabrication and Design
  • Equipment Retrofitting and Refurbishing
  • Project Management

Our professionally trained staff of over 50 employees can cover the complete spectrum of Industrial Installation projects ranging from mechanical, electrical, and project management needs for any scale project involving Industrial Installation.

Keys to Industrial Installation


  • Equipment removal
  • Equipment installation
  • Plant Relocations
  • Precision alignment
  • Process line removal
  • Process line installation
  • Steel Fabrication & Erection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure
  • Interconnect wiring disassembly
  • Interconnect wiring reassembly
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Start up services
Project Management
  • Plant consolidations
  • Material procurement
  • Vendor coordination
  • Project Gant chart layouts
  • Engineering services
  • Travel arrangements

industrial installation

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