Project Management

The key to completing large-scale projects successfully is not only timeliness and organization, but it also depends on experience and know-how. Collins & Jewell have the hands-on experience and the pertinent knowledge required to effectively meet your service needs. This is how our company has remained successful in Connecticut for over 60 years. The Project Management at Collins & Jewell provides its customers with decades of experience in installation, fabrication, and engineering services. Our Project Managers have overseen projects of all shapes and sizes, and can provide you with a range of services:

Project Management & Coordination

1.  On-site representation: Reinforcement of the customers needs and desires to all vendors.

2.  Safety meetings: Typically on a weekly basis to review and reinforce OSHA regulations as they pertain to each action performed on the job site.

3.  Progress meetings: Review of scheduling issues, along with updates on budgets and timeliness for completion of each section of the job and their impacts on other areas.

4.  Oversee product delivery times and coordinate efforts accordingly

5.  Ability to coordinate with organized labor forces

6.  Oversee subcontractors

7.  Creation of project timelines via Gant charts

8.  Coordinate travel arrangements

9.  One-on-one consultation

10.  Material procurement


11.  Quotation

12.  Consulting

13.  Design of required ancillary equipment

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